Boost lab efficiency

Increase lab efficiency with configurable workflows for a variety of molecular tests

Robust integrations

Seamlessly connect Ovation LIMS with genetic interpretation vendors and other platforms in your lab’s ecosystem

Increase lab use and revenue

Receive sponsored research testing as part of the Ovation Research Network

“At GIA, our core focus is on maximizing the quality of life and wellness of the patients we serve. Doing that successfully requires a LIMS platform that can support the increasingly polygenic genetic tests required by our patients. With many of the LIMS platforms we evaluated, it was kind of like fitting a square peg in a round hole. With Ovation, we found a comprehensive and flexible LIMS platform that’s purpose-built for complex molecular diagnostics, enabling us to quickly deploy innovative genetic tests that improve the lives of our patients.”

Holly Magliochetti
CEO of Genetics Institute of America


Lab Management Software
Optimized for Molecular Diagnostics

Ovation’s cloud-based lab management platform is purpose-built for molecular testing, helping labs improve throughput, decrease turnaround times, and scale to increased testing volumes.


Decrease turnaround time with intuitive sample processing

Reduce potential for error and improve throughput with customizable workflows designed for complex molecular testing. This includes Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), Pharmacogenetics (PGx), Cancer Genetics (CGx), and more.


Full visibility into sample movement

Your lab’s dashboard surfaces any actions that must be taken quickly—reports ready for release, rejected samples pending review, and more. Plus, detailed insights into metrics such as turnaround time provide the operational intelligence you need to make informed decisions about your business.

Give healthcare providers and client-facing teams access to a web-based online portal to quickly understand order status and view reports.



Connectivity that meets both your immediate and future needs

Ensure your lab operates as efficiently as possible with third-party integrations with a diverse set of tools, from genetic interpretation platforms to revenue cycle management tools.


Contribute to the advancement of life-saving research while growing your revenue

Get the support and scale your lab needs to participate in real-world data opportunities. Be part of a network of diagnostic labs performing research-related testing on remnant samples from our biorepository to accelerate the development of targeted therapies and treatments.

Whether you’re just starting molecular testing or you’re well established, we’ve got you covered

From hands-on implementation to ongoing personalized support and training, Ovation’s experienced team will ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

When you’re ready to start your lab in molecular diagnostics, we’ll work with you in parallel as you prepare to offer your test.

If you’re well established in molecular, we’ll carefully manage the transition from your current process to ensure there’s never a moment that your lab isn’t up and running. When you’re ready to make a change to your workflows or add more tests, just give us a call, and we’ll make it happen fast.

23 days

Average implementation for non –
NGS wokflows

“Nothing less can be said about the customer service and the response time of the team. We are proud of our decision to go with Ovation and highly recommend it for any lab that has its vision to be organized, transparent, and successful.”

Niti Vanee, PhD
CEO, iGenomeDx Inc

Secure. Stable. Scalable.

Rapidly implement molecular testing with a modern, cloud-based LIMS platform that’s committed to your success