Genomic-informed respiratory pathogen

Ovation's real-world clinicogenomic data provides the answers researchers need to understand a respiratory pathogen's potential impact on human health.

New insights around respiratory infectious disease rely on robust real-world data 

Efforts to understand SARS-CoV-2 and the implications for transmission and clinical manifestations have taught us the importance of analyzing viral genome sequence data in combination with patient clinical and genomic data. It’s now clear: knowledge about infectious disease severity, susceptibility, and more is reliant on data that provides a complete picture.

Ovation’s database integrates viral genome sequencing data with patient genomic profiling data linked on a de-identified basis to patient clinical data, including diagnoses, treatments, and viral load. 

Our diverse network of diagnostic labs are frequently testing for respiratory pathogens and contributing consented, de-identified samples and data to Ovation’s database. The same labs that collected and processed the samples as part of a patient’s clinical journey are performing whole-genome sequencing.


Ovation’s clinicogenomic database addresses research questions such as:

  • Are there strains/mutations associated with changes in disease severity?

  • Are there strains/mutations that affect viral loads or clearance?

  • Are there strains/mutations that predispose to diseases such as MIS-C?

By giving you access to:

Patient genomic

Human whole-genome sequencing data to determine genetic variation among patients

Patient clinical

Patient data including demographics, ICD-10 codes, treatments, and viral load (diagnostic Ct value)

Viral genomic

Viral genomic sequencing data to understand how a virus is evolving

Ovation’s diverse network of labs are continually surveilling for prevalent respiratory pathogens and resistance genes

View all pathogens and genes

Comprehensive, digitized database

Our database collects and links diverse individual genetic and clinical data to viral genome sequencing data that research teams use to answer the most complex questions

>90% of records have unique genomic data not found in the commercial marketplace

>99% of records are linkable to the patient journey (data from claims, medical records, and diagnostic tests)

Extensive distribution across therapeutic areas, including COVID-19, influenza, respiratory syncytial virus & more

Samples obtained from individuals who represent a broad diversity of factors such as race and ethnicity, gender, age, geography

Broad Geographic Distribution

Our network of labs deliver genomic data from a diverse set of patients across the country and the globe

Let’s work together to advance
our understanding of respiratory infectious disease through data

Our team combines the best of the tech and biotech worlds with vast experience managing large clinical and diagnostic data sets. Our clinical affairs specialists, security experts, data scientists, and more work together to deliver data at the highest quality.

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