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Ovation’s pricing is simple because much of our system comes ready to use, right out of the gate! For the pieces unique to you, we carefully configure your lab’s workflows and integrations, which carries a modest setup fee*. After that, we charge you based on the number of samples processed through an entire workflow. That’s it. Nothing hidden.
*Setup fees vary depending on the level of configuration required. Please contact your sales rep for more information on setup fees.

No Hidden FeesPlans for labs of all sizes
  • Document management
  • Training records
  • Sample tracking
  • Administrative Dashboard
  • Technical integration support
  • Reporting and Billing Integration
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • 21 CFR 11 Compliance
  • Sales and Physician Portals

Other Features

Let's Talk Custom Integration

Need to connect to a device, EMR, QMS, or maybe a billing platform or reporting entity that we haven't yet seen? Let us know...we'll give you a quote for custom development.

Yes, Ovation was built from the ground up as a safe and secure cloud-based platform. Data is encrypted in flight and at rest. Ovation's data layer stores data in multiple geographic regions and is designed for 99.999999999% durability.
Ovation Diagnostic was designed to be rapidly implementable so that labs can focus their energy on important things like getting results to doctors and patients. The Ovation Customer Success team acts as a guide through the process which has taken as little as 3 weeks for some organizations, but typically ranges between one and two months.
Ovation Diagnostic provides labs with out of the box support for common molecular workflows such as pharmacogenomics, women’s health and cancer genetics. Throughout these workflows, Ovation supports gold-standard technologies such as NGS, qPCR, Microarray and Mass Spectrometry. New workflows and technologies are being added each month, with support for Toxicology and an expanded menu of infectious and inherited diseases coming in late 2017.
Ovation Diagnostic does not have any annual contracts or annual service fees. You only pay what you see above - a modest startup fee and monthly usage fees. Running a lab is hard enough, paying for your LIMS system should be easy.