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Operations software for molecular diagnostic labs

Ovation is more than a LIMS. It's a commercialization platform that supports your entire business.

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You focus on patients.
We take care of business.

Ovation gives you lab workflows, sample tracking, document management, personnel training, external portals, and a partner ecosystem for revenue cycle management, clinical interpretation, consulting services, and business analytics – all in a low-cost, out-of-the-box, cloud-based platform that can be implemented in a fraction of the time of other LIMS systems.

“Ovation has streamlined our operations and accelerated our growth through seamless interactions with our billing entity, reporting entity, sales reps, partners and clients. We’ve also been thrilled with their customer service and attention to detail. They are truly a key to our success.”

Jami Elliott

CEO, Quantigen Genomic Services

Operational and Business Analytics

  • Provides critical project-level operational metrics
  • Clearly displays sample-level details and statuses
  • Gathers key user data, timestamps, and sample activity history for auditing purposes
  • Real-time administration report provides a comprehensive view of lab operations
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Workflow and Sample Management

  • Custom configured for the way your lab works
  • Defines precise sample path for lab personnel
  • Supports adherence to SOPs
  • Automatically stores data captured at each step
  • Provides full visibility to sample movement
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Personnel Training and Document Management

  • Determines access through Roles & Permissions
  • Supports electronic approval of reports and documents
  • Provides clear version control and audit logging
  • Allows training completion to grant permissions
  • Gives notification for needed or expired trainings
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Physician and Sales Portals

  • Securely delivers reports and automatically notifies recipient
  • Shows status indicator for downloaded reports
  • Allows management of complex sales relationships (many to many)
  • Provides sales analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Can be White-labeled and embedded on your website
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Wait there is more...


Ovation’s costs are a fraction of those charged by big-box or custom-built LIMS systems. There are no annual fees, contract commitments, or per-user fees. We have a one time startup fee and then a monthly usage fee, so the system scales with your lab. Let’s all avoid the insanity of high-priced, over-engineered LIMS. There is a better way!


Ovation gets your lab started in weeks, not months! Our out-of-the box approach coupled with flexible configurations, cloud-based deployment, and ready-to-use workflows will have you up and running in no time. Our flexible API allows us to quickly integrate with your billing platform, interpretation provider, or customer EMRs.


Ovation was built from the ground up as a safe and secure cloud-based platform. Data is encrypted in flight and at rest. Ovation’s data layer stores data in multiple geographic regions and is designed for 99.999999999% durability.


Ovation adheres to HIPAA standards, so the exchange of information throughout the system is secure and compliant. Ovation also offers the ability to electronically approve documents, enabling your lab to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines.

Partner Ecosystem

Laboratory Consulting

Lab setup, test validation, and audit preparation services focused on pharmacogenomics, women’s health, cancer genomics, toxicology and NGS.

Business Analytics

Comprehensive dashboards covering lab operations, revenue, and sales performance. Combine data from several systems into one consolidated view of business performance; monitor metrics to proactively enhance operations.

Revenue Cycle Management

Billing and Consulting Services. Credentialing for in-network status with payors. Auditing and quality assessment services for billed and un-billed claims.

Clinical Interpretation and Reporting

REST API provides secure and rapid transfer of data with a wide range of providers such as Coriell Life Sciences.

See for yourself!

Our LIMS isn’t a four-letter word. It’s a three-part commercialization platform to support the critical functions in a molecular diagnostic laboratory. See how it can help your lab.