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  • Intuitive Web Interface
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  • 10 GB of storage/user


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  • Intuitive Web Interface
  • API Access
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Data Warehouse Integration

  • Organization Member Administration
  • Single sign-on via Google Apps or ActiveDirectory
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Optional Add-ons

HIPAA Compliance


per user

All the convenience and power of a cloud-based storage system, with all the security of full compliance with HIPAA standards. Made for research that needs to protect patient or human subject data.

Extra Data


per month

Data adds up, and regardless of your plan, we provide all the extra storage space you might need. Adding storage space couldn't be faster or easier, so you can grow without any friction or added work.


Provenance is exactly the kind of feature I've been craving! The simple visual workflow that leads from the initial sample through all the experiments and steps of analysis and ends with the manuscript figure is what's been sorely lacking. I am just starting a brand new project with a collaborator, and will begin using Ovation to track all the twists and turns.

David Pincus, Fellow, Whitehead Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it secure?

Yes, Ovation was built from the ground up as a safe and secure cloud-based platform. Data is encrypted in flight and at rest. Ovation's data layer stores data in multiple geographic regions and is designed for 99.999999999% durability.

Does Ovation do analysis?

With Ovation, you continue to use the analysis tools and workflows that you know and trust. Ovation is the glue layer that binds all of these existing activities and tracks the provenance (the flow) of data throughout its lifecycle. You can integrate Ovation with your existing analysis tools using our REST API, Python package, or R package. We have a hunch you already do great analyses...we just want to help you keep track of all of that amazing work!

Can we keep our data in our own storage?

You can reference any data that has a permanent URL. So you can keep data in its current location—on an HPC cluster, in your own S3 bucket, etc.—and reference it within Ovation. But, it's way easier to keep the data in Ovation. That way you can manage access to the data so that anyone you choose to collaborate with has access to the actual dataset (always with your permission, of course) from anywhere in the world. In fact, we can automatically cache data geographically close to your collaborators so that their access is as fast as yours.

Do you charge monthly or annually?

Following your free trial, by default Ovation charges monthly, and sends an invoice to the billing contact that you provide in your organization's configuration. We do offer discounted annual or quarterly subscriptions as well.