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What you'd want from a LIMS, and a bunch you didn't know you missed


Sample Tracking

  • Source and Destination containers provide a clear path of where a sample started and ended up in each activity.   

  • Custom plating configurations give you the control to map how a sample is transferred during complex plating steps between containers of different sizes and shapes.

  • Individual sample information tabs provide full visibility into every workflow in which a sample has been involved and the containers in which it has been held, providing a clear audit trail.

Workflow Management

  • Custom workflows offer a defined path for your lab personnel and ensure that the SOP is followed to the letter.

  • Data captured at each step in the workflow is automatically stored in the document section of each sample in that activity making it simple to find all files associated with a particular sample

  • API integrations with reporting providers and billing platforms create a seamless environment for your entire workflow

  • Custom requisitions put you in control of your accessioning process and enable you to define the required patient health information to be passed to your reporting provider.


Projects, Documents and Training Management

  • Projects provide an efficient way to organize requisitions, workflows, documents and team members for a specific client or test.  

  • Custom Roles and permissions provide the ultimate flexibility in how you grant and control access to your system

  • The Document section allows for electronic approval of SOPs and other critical documents while the and Training section allows your personnel to perform trainings directly in the LIMS while you keep track of who’s up to date

Sales and Physician Portals

  • A portal for sales and marketing representatives provides an easy way to communicate sample statuses to all external parties.

  • The Physician Portal provides a secure, automated method for transferring reports directly to the ordering physician

  • Both the sales and physician portal are white-labeled and can be inserted into your lab’s website with a single line of code, enhancing your brand and your customer’s experience

  • Our Ovation Research platform can be used as an optional customer portal for contract research projects, providing a full-featured data exchange and communication platform

  • Ovation Service Lab adheres to HIPAA standards, so the exchange of information throughout the system is secure and compliant


Powerful sample tracking, workflows, and client management 

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