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The simplest pricing for scientific software you’ve ever seen

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Say goodbye to confusing and unfair lab management software pricing.

Ovation's pricing is simple and transparent. We carefully customize your lab's workflow and integrations, which may carry a modest setup fee*. After that, we charge you only for each sample processed through an entire workflow. That's it. Isn't that refreshing?

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Pre-clinical Samples



Clinical Samples


*Setup fees vary depending on the level of customization required. Please contact your sales rep for more information on on fees.

Not to Mention


Document management

Training records

Sample tracking

Administrative Dashboard

Technical integration support

Reporting and Billing Integration

HIPAA Compliance

21 CFR 11 Compliance

Optional Additions

Research Integration



Ovation Research is the premier solution for data management and collaboration. Use Ovation Research for internal R&D or for delivering data to your contract customers.

HL7 Integration



Need to receive requisitions or communicate results using the standard for transmission of medical records? Ovation's HL7 integration provides your lab with all you need.

Fax Gateway



Need to send documents by fax? Ovation's HIPAA compliant fax gateway lets you securely send any document, including patient reports, via fax.

Custom Integrations

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Need to connect to a device, electronic lab notebook, or more? Let us know...we'll give you a quote for custom development.


What labs really need is a comprehensive solution designed to meet all of their current challenges and that is flexible enough to meet future demands. Most LIMS software used today handles basic lab activities, but it fails to deliver value in many related or adjacent critical areas, from providing real-time insight on project efficiency to making it easy to train bench scientists on the the latest standard operating procedure (SOP). A new generation of technology—what we call LIMS+—will combine an evolved LIMS with other, vital services, such as document management and training; improve efficiencies by leveraging modern interfaces and visual workflows; provide instant insight into operations; track and verify compliance; and reduce startup time and costs by relying on modern, secure cloud architecture.

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How do you perform validation of Ovation?

A series of validation scripts are detailed in Installation and Operational Qualification (IOQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) Plans provided during the onboarding process. The IOQ and PQ Test Plans consist of a description of the testing environment, who will perform the IOQ/PQ tests, the manner of testing, list of actions (what the tester does) and the expected results of those actions. We perform the scripts in these plans prior to your final acceptance and provide documentation. The IOQ documents that all functionality was appropriately implemented and operationally qualified within the system. The PQ documents that all functionality was user-tested and validated within the system.

Do I have to pay for each user?

No. Ovation for Service Labs is a usage-based product, so you don't need to pay for each user in your organization. You can add as many users as needed. In fact, you can even grant access of specific portions of Ovation to contractors or consultants through the use of limited-permission roles. You control who sees what, when and where.

Do you have an API?

Yes. Ovation for Service Labs has a full-featured REST API. While we are happy to integrate any necessary third-party applications for your workflow (billing provider, decision support platforms, etc.), we also provide API documentation if you would like to tackle specific integrations on your own.

What is the difference between 'clinical' and 'non-clinical' samples?

Clinical samples refers to samples processed for the purposes of a diagnostic test, typically ordered by a physician. Clinical samples are distinguished from 'non-clinical' samples by being associated with a registered physician. When processing clinical samples in Ovation, the lab also has access to: an administrative menu to register physicians and sales reps, and optionally a physician portal for secure delivery of any reports and/or a sales portal for sample status communication. Non-clinical samples refer to samples processed as part of a project for a specific customer.

Are there any other fees?

One of the things that sets us apart from other lab management systems is our lack of fees. There are occasionally configuration or integration fees based on the complexity of your initial setup, but we keep those to a minimum. Beyond the few optional addons you see above, we don't charge any extra fees. No annual fees. No training fees. We think you should just pay for what you use–and that's it. Crazy, huh?