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COVID-19 Testing Using Ovation LIMS

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Laboratory Medicine is more than running a test.

Our LIMS knows you also have to run a business.

Laboratory Medicine is more than running a test.

Our LIMS knows you also have to run a business.

Ovation is transforming the way a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) supports the critical functions of your molecular diagnostic laboratory because it is not enough to just track samples and manage workflows. To be successful, you have to attend to physicians, patients, sales teams, lab operations, revenue cycle management, and business performance. Ovation is here to help you with all of it.

Strengthen your Relationships

People matter. That’s why you got into the lab industry in the first place. Don’t let paperwork and processes take the place of personal interaction. Focusing on these things will help your lab grow. With Ovation you can:

  • Enhance customer service with white-labeled portals
  • Increase clinical decision support with automated report delivery
  • Broaden sales and marketing with real-time performance data
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Ovation provides reports which are reassuring not only to us as administrators but to our sales representatives too, thus, building relationships of trust and transparency

Niti Vanee, Ph.D.

CEO, iGenomeDx Inc

Streamline your Lab

Wasted time is wasted money. Nobody wants their LIMS or LIS to make it harder to deliver quality results in a timely manner. Innovation is the key to getting up and running quickly and then increasing lab efficiency. With Ovation you will be able to:

  • Implement painlessly with a dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Integrate rapidly with a cloud-based modern infrastructure
  • Maintain compliance confidently with training and document management
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Bringing Ovation into our diagnostic laboratory has allowed our staff to focus on key aspects of our business that are necessary to being successful. As a patient-centric molecular diagnostic lab, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Using a scalable platform like Ovation has given us the opportunity to double our business.

Carissa Wachtler

CTO, AccessDX Reference Lab LLC

Expand your Business

Don’t rely on spreadsheets and assumptions to drive your business. You need data to make informed decisions because the future of the lab industry has never been so complex. With Ovation you will have the information necessary to:

  • Spot business problems and opportunities with intuitive dashboards
  • Enhance decision-making processes with comprehensive reports
  • Improve revenue cycle management with integrated billing services
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“Ovation has streamlined our operations and accelerated our growth through seamless interactions with our billing entity, reporting entity, sales reps, partners and clients. We’ve also been thrilled with their customer service and attention to detail. They are truly a key to our success.”

Jami Elliott

CEO, Quantigen Genomic Services

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