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Collaboration with all the context and none of the hassle

Whether you’re down the hall from your colleagues or on the other side of the globe, Ovation Research gives you all the tools to truly collaborate on great science.  Visualize the relationships between all your experiments and analyses, run a remote analysis on a shared dataset, communicate with your team members in the context of your data, and stay on top of file versions and project responsibilities.

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Read more about Ovation Research

Ovation provides unprecedented visibility into your samples’ progress

Ovation Service Lab takes a whole new twist on the laboratory information management system (LIMS) by combining the essential elements of sample tracking, workflow management, document control, and training management all in one system. It even offers sales, customer and physician portals, making you an instant full-service lab. Whether you are performing NGS services or qPCR clinical diagnostics, Ovation Service Lab has you covered.

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Let your data tell its story with Ovation’s data management tools

Data without context fades into obscurity almost as quickly as it’s created. Ovation Research not only provides a great cloud-based storage solution for your scientific data, but enables you to make connections between your data and indicate the role it played in your project.

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A truly comprehensive scientific data layer for your enterprise

ELN, LIMS, SDMS, Analytical tools - so many complementary systems in your organization, yet your data often ends up siloed and disconnected. Why settle for seeing only the part of the story that took place within a particular piece of software? Ovation Enterprise connects all of your existing software and instruments through a single data layer, so you can see the whole story of the data your group produces.

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