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Simplify and streamline your document management and sample tracking.

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Effective, modern, and easy to use. Ovation provides everything your lab needs.

Bring your lab's information management to the next level. Keep track of your lab's important documents, stay on top of technician training, and process more samples. Grow your business using Ovation's unique and intuitive interface.
Document management and sample tracking
document management training sample tracking

Cloud-based, secure, and compliant. Ovation has it.

Never worry about an audit again. With Ovation, all your important documents, from standard operating procedures, to training records, to data from your assays are at your fingertips. Find your documents and data quickly, easily, and intuitively, all in a compliant, cloud-based, and secure environment

Ovation is just what you need. 

Take your lab's information management system to the next level

Do you need a better handle on versioned document control, or a better way to manage your team's training records? How about a more reliable way to track clinical samples in an auditable environment? The solution isn't an over-engineered system that requires expensive customization or in-person installation. 

Get started with Ovation and discover a better way.