From sample tracking for startup labs to data management in the world's greatest research institutes, Ovation simplifies your scientific life.

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From the lab to your network, Ovation helps you thrive on the cutting edge of scientific discovery.

Scientists and researchers in the life sciences perform sophisticated analyses and experiments every day. They should have modern and well-designed tools for the job, and Ovation provides them.

Introducing LIMS+

An exciting new concept for service labs. Get the whitepaper from Ovation and learn more.

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Take your lab's information management system to the next level

Our compliant, cloud-based, and secure environment lets you focus more on growing your business and worry less about audits. Do you need a better handle on versioned document control, or a better way to manage your team's training records? How about a more reliable way to track clinical samples in an auditable environment? The solution isn't an over-engineered system that requires expensive customization or in-person installation. 

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Don't just store your project's data. Visualize the whole story.

Easy, secure storage in the cloud? Sure, we've got that. But what if the files you stored with Ovation carried metadata with them anywhere in the system, and knew the role they played in your project's experiments and analyses? With Ovation's activities and data provenance capabilities, you can tell the story of your data. Communication and collaboration has never been easier.

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