Ovation LIMS
for Startup Labs

Startup labs use Ovation LIMS to quickly get their business up and running the right way—with efficient and adaptable workflows from day one. You’ll meet and exceed your clients’ needs and establish yourself as a convenient, reliable source for testing.

Standout user experience

Your small team will move quickly and efficiently with out-of-the-box molecular workflows for common instruments

Stay nimble as your lab grows

High level of customizability allows for iterative changes as you adjust work-flows and add new lines of testing

Expert guidance at every step

Fast implementation and dependable, consultative support to help your lab get established and evolve

The Ovation folks whom we worked with through implementation had a deep level of understanding of what the molecular diagnostic workflows really look like and what the needs are. It felt like we were talking to people who come from the lab, which was a breath of fresh air. With Ovation, it was clear that we had a common language, and what we were communicating was thoroughly understood. Ovation truly appreciated what we were asking and developed the workflow to capture that.

Dr. Tariq Adwan, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer, GeneIQ


Lay the foundation of your business on a reliable LIMS that just works


Streamline test ordering and 
begin accessioning quickly

Attract new clients with a convenient online portal to place orders. Ovation also connects to EMRs and other external ordering systems via API and HL7 integrations.

Ordering kicks off the automated workflow process in the LIMS where required data and documents have already been validated.


Get started quickly with intuitive 
molecular workflows

Ovation offers out-of-the-box molecular workflows, so you’re never starting from scratch. Workflows are also highly configurable, enabling you to launch your business the way you want it to from day one and—unlike spreadsheets or a rigid LIMS—be positioned to change as your business evolves.


Connectivity that meets your 
immediate and future needs

Ovation has off-the-shelf integrations with a diverse set of tools across the medical and client relationship space to ensure your workflows are seamless from start to finish.


Ensure regulatory compliance 
from the start

You’ll get complete sample traceability with accessible audit trails of workflows and sophisticated roles and permissions. Ovation supports electronic approval of reports and documents following 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines.

Gain peace of mind that your lab satisfies CLIA and CAP regulations, as well as HIPAA standards.

Experts dedicated to your success

From hands-on implementation to ongoing personalized support and training, Ovation’s experienced team will take a consultative approach to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

We know your lab is just getting started, and things are going to change. So when you realize you need a new report or your workflows aren’t working exactly as expected, just give us a call, and we’ll work with you to fix it quickly.

20 days

Average implementation
for a startup lab

“Nothing less can be said about the customer service and the response time of the team. We are proud of our decision to go with Ovation and highly recommend it for any lab that has its vision to be organized, transparent, and successful.”

Niti Vanee, PhD
CEO, iGenomeDx Inc

Secure. Stable. Scalable.

Trust the launch of your business with a modern, cloud-based LIMS platform that’s committed to your success

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