Ovation LIMS

Modern LIMS software that
supports your lab’s growth

Built for the complexity of molecular

Simplify even the most complicated
workflows and avoid workarounds

Stay nimble in an unpredictable market

Flexibility to add new lines of testing and change workflows faster than the competition

Partners in your laboratory's success

Fast implementation, unparalleled clinical lab expertise, and dependable, ongoing support for your unique needs

We needed to find a long term, strategic partner to provide UAB with a LIMS platform to manage testing in our molecular
labs…Ovation delivered a fully integrated LIMS in just three

Dr. Ralph Zottola
President of Information Technology


Maximize efficiency with a complete solution

Ovation’s cloud-based platform and off-the-shelf integrations support the entire lifecycle of functions from order entry to final billing



Get more orders with an intuitive 
online portal

Offer your clients a convenient experience to place test orders. Ordering kicks off the automated workflow process in the LIMS, where required data and documents have already been validated.

  • EMR integrations to accommodate high-volume providers
  • Supports account complexity across multiple organizations
  • Reduce phone volume by providing open visibility into
    sample status
  • Modern interface requires zero learning curve

Reduce turnaround time with 
streamlined sample processing

Ovation supports the complexity of molecular workflows and is highly configurable to the way your lab operates. By reflecting and simplifying your existing process, Ovation helps your team stay in adherence with your lab’s SOPs.

  • Supports workflows for COVID-19, cancer genomics, pharmacogenomics, non-invasive pre-natal testing, other infectious disease, and more
  • Compatible with gold-standard technologies such as qPCR, NGS, microarray, and mass spectrometry
  • Intuitive interface with minimal clicks and clear search capabilities—easy to train, easy to learn, and easy to use every day
  • Customizable quality checks at critical decision points in your workflow

Full visibility into sample 

Your lab’s dashboard surfaces any actions that must be taken quickly—reports ready for release, rejected samples pending review, and more. Plus, detailed insights into metrics such as turnaround time provide the operational intelligence you need to make informed decisions about your business.

  • Sophisticated tracking of all samples received in the lab
  • Easy to troubleshoot low performing tests in real time
  • Records and tracks lab activity and processes as required by CAP, CLIA, and other regulatory bodies
  • Give client-facing teams access to a web-based online portal to quickly view reports and understand order status
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Modern result reporting for 
the evolving client

Ovation analyzes test data, converts it into a reportable result, and securely delivers that report directly to your lab’s clients via online portal and email notification. You’ll get your clients the answers they need in a convenient, user-friendly way—no matter who they are.

  • Customize the format, content, and branding of your laboratory reports
  • Communicate results directly to patients via integration with leading patient portal platforms
  • Help clinicians get more actionable information faster via our integrations with leading clinical interpretation platforms
  • Push results to clients via EMR integrations

Why clinical lab leaders choose
Ovation LIMS

Ovation recognizes that each clinical laboratory has unique goals when it comes to reaching operational excellence. We partner with you to move the needle on what matters most to your business.


Reduction in turnaround time


Increase in sample throughput


Increase in provider satisfaction

Connectivity that meets both
 your immediate and future needs

Ovation integrates with a diverse set of tools across the medical and client relationship space to ensure your workflows are seamless from start to finish. 


Contribute to the advancement of life-saving research while growing your revenue

Beyond just a LIMS software company, Ovation is your partner in clinical informatics. By working with us, you can be part of a research network that supplies labs with the support and scale they need to participate in real-world data opportunities performing research-related testing on samples from our diverse biorepository.

Dedicated to your lab’s growth

From hands-on implementation to ongoing personalized support and training, Ovation’s experienced team will ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

We’ll carefully manage the transition from your current process to ensure there’s never a moment that your lab isn’t up and running. When you’re ready to make a change to your workflows or add more tests, just give us a call, and we’ll make it happen fast.

43 days

Average implementation for a new lab.

“Nothing less can be said about the customer service and the response time of the team. We are proud of our decision to go with Ovation and highly recommend it for any lab that has its vision to be organized, transparent, and successful.”

Niti Vanee, PhD
CEO, iGenomeDx Inc

Reduce total turnaround time and
earn more revenue

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