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Contribute to the advancement of life-saving research while adding a new revenue stream

The Ovation Research Network offers the support and scale your lab needs to participate in real-world data opportunities. Join other diagnostic labs in mobilizing your remnant samples and performing research-related testing to support healthcare and life science industry researchers to accelerate the discovery of targeted therapies and treatments.

There’s a wealth of information in every sample

In life science research, speed to discovery is dependent on applying biomarker measurements in the preclinical stage.

It’s clear that having access to a large biobank of samples and their associated clinical data would accelerate life-changing medicines and treatments.

But these samples are often discarded.

You know your remnant samples carry value, but healthcare and life science industry organizations are not contracting directly with your lab to get the information they need to answer questions at scale.

Many logistical, regulatory, and business obstacles stand in the way of your lab getting remnant samples into the hands of researchers at a sufficient scale that makes a meaningful impact.

The Ovation Research Network is here to change that.

We’re bringing together remnant samples and data from independent diagnostic labs to create one of the world’s most comprehensive and diverse clinicogenomic databases.

How it Works


Sample Consent

A sample enters your lab for testing as it does today. The only change is that the sample and associated data will be consented for research use. We’ll help your lab adopt a Unified Patient Consent—both the language and the legal framework.


Sample De-identification

The sample is de-identified in accordance with the requirements of 45 CFR 164.514(b)(2). We’ll work with your team to set up a process that ensures patient privacy is protected at every step.


Sample Storage

We fund your lab’s efforts to ship the de-identified sample to our biorepository, where all Ovation Research Network samples are stored. Our team of experts will ensure this process fits into your routine operations.


Biomarker Discovery

A healthcare or life science industry researcher comes to us with a precision diagnostics research question they’re trying to answer, such as, “What’s the value of a particular biomarker for patients with a particular disease?”


Sponsored Research

We’ll search our biorepository for de-identified samples that match the desired cohort and—depending on your lab’s capabilities—send these samples back to your lab for additional research testing (such as whole-genome sequencing for biomarker discovery or assay validation for precision diagnostics). You’ll receive direct payment for this testing—no need to submit billing for reimbursement for each sample like you do in clinical testing.

Mobilize your remnant samples to accelerate therapeutic and diagnostic R&D

More than a LIMS software company. More than a specimen procurement company. We’re your partners in growing your laboratory business. And we’re invested in your success.

Generate additional revenue for your lab

Your participation in the network qualifies your lab to fill unused capacity with research-related testing sponsored by Ovation.

Be at the forefront of new treatments and medicines

Increase the ability of health industry researchers to answer questions at scale and bring life-saving therapies to market more quickly and efficiently.

Accelerate internal research & development

Your lab will have the opportunity to access aggregated and de-identified clinicogenomic data for internal assay development and validation.

Leave it to the experts

Our team of clinical affairs specialists will work with you every step of the way to ensure your participation is easy and fits into your routine operations.

Consenting strategy for research testing

We’ll help your lab adopt a universal consenting strategy developed by legal experts specializing in patient data privacy and reviewed by external IRBs.

Privacy and de- identification

We’ll take responsibility for the de-identification of all samples and data in accordance with the requirements set forth in 45 CFR 164.514(b)(2).

Storage & shipping guidance

Your team will be trained in best practices to ensure high sample quality through storage, documentation, and shipping steps.


Is there a cost to join the Ovation Research Network?
No! There’s no cost for your lab to join the network.
We want to keep our samples in our on-site biobanking facility. Can we still participate in the network?

Yes, we understand that you can’t always move your samples. You can still participate in the network, as we’d be able to use the samples biobanked on your site for research-related testing in your lab.

What types of samples is the network interested in collecting?

Generally speaking, we’re interested in most types of samples that your lab collects that contain enough human DNA or RNA to get value from. The network already works with projects in immunology, diabetes, oncology, somatic cancer and cardiology—all of which would benefit from the availability of additional COVID and non-COVID samples.

Are you providing remnant samples directly to healthcare and life science industry researchers?

No, remnant samples will never be directly provided to health industry researchers. We take the de-identified genomic data from remnant samples, additional de-identified data derived from research testing of those samples, securely link it with de-identified clinical data, and place it into our clinicogenomic database. Health industry researchers are only provided data from that database.

Do I need to use Ovation’s LIMS to participate in the network?

We do request that you use Ovation’s LIMS to participate in the network. Because the LIMS is the system of record, it works seamlessly with the network by automatically managing consent tracking, sample and data de-identification, biobanking workflows, and research-related testing. This process is more complicated if the lab is not using the Ovation LIMS; however, we’re open to the opportunity for institutions that have particularly valuable samples. Please contact our team below to discuss this in more detail.

Are all labs in the network eligible for the sponsored research-related testing?
Your lab’s eligibility for this testing is based on your capabilities and capacity. When a sponsored project is initiated and it’s determined that additional testing is required, we’ll reach out to all the labs in the network who have the capabilities required to complete the testing needed and assess their capacity to take it on. Our preference is to bring the testing back to the lab that contributed the samples to the network.

Ready to unlock the value of your remnant samples and increase the ability of researchers to bring life-saving therapies to market?

If you’re currently discarding samples, we’d love to talk.