Realize the Potential of Genomic Data in Drug Development

Ovation offers a consented biobank of ~1.6 million samples that can be sequenced to generate genomic data across more than 60 pre-defined disease cohorts

Consented samples (Sample types include FFPE tissue, nasopharyngeal swabs, preserved saliva, whole blood, total nucleic, and more)

Unique patients

Pre-defined disease cohorts

Samples are sequenced to deliver:

  • Whole genome sequencing data (30X depth)
  • Whole exome sequencing data
  • RNA sequencing data
  • And more

Cohorts are curated through linkage to phenotypic data using common tokens.

Phenotypic and clinical data including treatment exposure, comorbidities, lab values, and disease severity metrics from top claims, EHR, and lab real-world data sources is linked to omics data from Ovation’s database.

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