Genomic Data

Ovation's genomic data solutions enable life science and biopharma companies to accelerate research and development across a wide range of therapeutic areas including autoimmune, metabolic, and infectious disease.

Accelerate preclinical research timelines

The application of biomarkers in pre-clinical development has helped shorten timelines by bringing critical decision points forward. Ovation can provide genomic data to your teams faster than the typical prospective clinical trial, accelerating biomarker discovery timelines.

Patients deserve precision medicines

Ovation is committed to efficiently generating the answers life science and biopharma companies need to advance precision diagnostics and treatments medicine development by providing high-quality genomic data linked to rich, longitudinal phenotypic data at scale.

How it Works

Rapidly and consistently receive the data your research teams need.

Ovation will work with your genomic, bioinformatic and real-world data teams to assess feasibility, cohort overlap and variables of interest to get to the data you need.

Our team of engineering, data science, sequencing and biobanking experts is deeply committed to a data driven transformation of genomics and has the capabilities to get us there. We partner with you to deliver a relevant cohort of interest for your research.

Research & Development Use Cases


Biomarker discovery and assay validation

Researchers can quickly and efficiently source genomic data paired with clinical data to investigate novel genomic drivers connected to patient outcomes. Shorten timelines for precision medicine treatments and therapies.


Pathogen surveillance

New insights around respiratory infectious disease rely on robust real-world data. Ovation’s database integrates viral genomic data with patient clinical and genomic data to address research questions about viral strains/mutations and their impact on human health.

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Genomics is enhancing the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of many human diseases, but it requires an enormous amount of data that’s time-consuming to collect. With data from Ovation’s lab network, we can accelerate what’s traditionally a multi-year genomic biomarker project into just months.”

Carlos D. Bustamante, PhD
Professor of Biomedical Data Science & Genetics

Genomic data unavailable from other sources.

Maximize your ability to generate clinically relevant insights with Ovation’s deep genomic data linked with phenotypic data at scale.

High-quality 30-50x whole genome sequencing data from remnant saliva, blood and tissue samples.

Sourced from a vast biobank with ~1.6 million samples from 628K+ diverse individuals

Samples consented for research and commercial purposes

Genomic data is linked to phenotypic data from claims and medical record vendors using commonly available tokens.

Representative of the wider population including underrepresented racial groups.

Broad Geographic Distribution

Our network of labs enables delivery of genomic data from a diverse set of patients across the country.

Let’s work together to advance
science forward

Our team combines the best of the tech and biotech worlds with vast experience managing large clinical and genomic data sets. Our delivery teams and clinical affairs specialists work together to deliver the highest quality data.

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