LIMS for
COVID-19 Testing

Diagnostic labs use Ovation LIMS to get their COVID-19 testing up and running quickly while maintaining flexibility for their business to adapt as the world changes

Built for the complexity of molecular

Streamline processes with out-of-
the-box qPCR workflows for
common instruments

Stay nimble in an unpredictable market

High level of customizability allows for
iterative changes as your lab grows or
the testing environment evolves

Get started in weeks, not months

Fast implementation, unparalleled lab expertise, and dependable, ongoing support for your unique needs

We had an immediate need to implement a complex, customized laboratory workflow to handle a large volume of COVID-19 testing…Ovation delivered a fully integrated LIMS in just three weeks.

Dr. Ralph Zottola
President of Information Technology


Rapidly deploy COVID-19 testing with a trusted
platform focused on molecular diagnostics


Streamline test ordering and 
begin accessioning quickly

Offer healthcare providers a convenient online portal to place orders. Ovation also connects to external ordering systems via API and HL7 integrations.

Ordering kicks off the automated workflow process in the LIMS where required data and documents have already been validated.


Get to results faster with 
intuitive qPCR workflows

Ovation supports the complexity of qPCR workflows with common instruments such as Thermo Fisher QuantStudio. Highly configurable to the way your lab operates today and in the future.

Stop shoehorning your molecular panel into a clinical lab workflow and start exceeding turnaround times.


Stay efficient as your 
throughput scales

Advanced pooling capabilities for automated tracking and deconvolution of pooled samples.

Complete sample traceability and turnaround time analytics allow you to confidently increase capacity and commit to fulfilling orders at scale.


Report straightforward results 
via online portal or seamless 

Ovation analyzes test data and converts it into an easy-to-interpret report branded by your lab. Reports are securely delivered directly to your lab’s clients via online portal and email notification. Interconnectivity to push reports to state and federal agencies and downstream systems such as EMRs.

Get your clients the answers they need in a convenient, user-friendly way—no matter who they are.

We’re building a
with your lab

Whether you’re expanding into COVID-19 testing for the first time, starting a new lab, or ready to replace a bandaid solution with a robust system, one thing is clear. You’ll want a team who’s dedicated to your current needs and your future growth.

Ovation’s experienced team will ensure you have everything you need to succeed, including a hands-on implementation, expertise in clinical affairs, and ongoing personalized support and training.

20 days

Average implementation for a new lab with COVID-19 workflows

“The Ovation folks whom we worked with through implementation had a deep level of understanding of what the molecular diagnostic workflows really look like and what the needs are. It felt like we were talking to people who come from the lab, which was a breath of fresh air. With Ovation, it was clear that we had a common language, and what we were communicating was thoroughly understood. Ovation truly appreciated what we were asking and developed the workflow to capture that.”

Dr. Tariq Adwan, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer, GeneIQ

Secure. Stable. Scalable.

Trust your COVID-19 testing with a modern, cloud-based LIMS
platform that’s committed to your success