Meet Ovation: Jaclyn Renner

We sat down with Jaclyn Renner, a Senior Data Analyst and critical member of the Ovation team. Jackie brings a unique blend of passion and expertise to Ovation, where she collaborates with our data product and scientific leads to generate project proposals and statements of work based on our vast biobank of samples and genomics database.

How did your previous experiences and background inform your interest in life sciences and genomic data? 

Growing up, health and fitness were huge parts of my life. Playing sports, working out, and learning about nutrition in college made me interested in the healthcare space. As a math major, I was drawn to working in a field where data is used to make impactful decisions. This led me to the healthcare industry, where I’ve spent my entire career. My experience working on behalf of health insurance companies further sparked my interest and more specifically, my desire to make an impact that benefits society and human life. The genomics field was a natural fit for me because it combines all of my experiences and interests. Genomics affects everyday life in ways ranging from medication choices to disease treatment and preventative care, which makes it an exciting field to me.

Why did you join Ovation? What excites you about your role as a Senior Data Analyst?

I joined Ovation to be part of a company with the potential to have a huge impact on the everyday lives of people. My role involves understanding our data to evaluate the feasibility of different projects for our clients. This means knowing the data inside and out, optimizing data quality, querying the sample database to discover patterns in disease areas and demographics, categorizing our data, and much more. Ovation’s biobank and genomic database are continuously growing, so there’s always more and more data for me to analyze and find patterns in that will have an impact at the company, and more broadly in the field.

What about Ovation’s mission resonates with you? Why does it make every day exciting?

Ovation’s mission resonates with me because genomic data is currently underutilized yet has the potential to change millions of lives and revolutionize healthcare research. As a data nerd, I love that the company’s mission revolves around data and aligns with my passion for discovery. With such interesting data, I uncover new insights every day, which makes every day exciting!

How do you think Ovation’s genomic data will benefit life sciences research and patients?

Ovation’s genomic data has the ability to significantly boost the efficiency of life sciences research, which can advance drug discovery and development more rapidly. This means patients will benefit from greater access to life-altering medications or vaccines and receive more personalized decisions about treatments and preventative care.

What are your interests outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy athletic activities like basketball, snowboarding, kayaking, rock climbing.  I also enjoy discovering new breweries, spending time with my family and friends, and watching a binge-worthy show or great movie.

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