Lab Management Is Broken: Introducing LIMS+

When we first got started with Ovation, we set out to better understand the problems of those on the front-lines of science, from the researchers to lab technicians. As we learned more about the amazing work of those in the molecular diagnostic space and clinical labs generally, we saw and heard first hand the frustrations of those who not only sought to produce quality results in a timely manner, but grow the lab’s business. Despite the incredible advances in science, the software used in labs just hasn’t kept up. From poorly designed interfaces, to the inability of lab staff to access the information they need, to having to juggle multiple, usually very expensive applications, we here at Ovation saw an opportunity to create an application that not only got the job done, but did it in a way that modern technology users have come to expect from their software. So we invented the concept of LIMS+, an all-in-one cloud-based approach to lab management that’s turning the industry on its head. Here, I’ll talk a bit about why LIMS+ is shaking things up, and what it can do for your lab.


1. Document Management, Training Management, and LIMS all in one place

I’ll be honest, when we told some folks in the industry that we intended to bring document management, training management, and sample tracking all into one, integrated application, they called us crazy. Why?  Probably because they’re so used to managing multiple bulky systems that don’t communicate with one another, they just couldn’t imagine how we’d pull it off. But after extensive user research and lots of hard design work, it’s hard to even believe that a lab would want all these functions separate from one another. In Ovation, we have all the capabilities of the most popular document management systems so you always have the most current version of your SOP’s. But what makes Ovation different is that we make these documents available in staff training programs, and even more importantly connect documents (and their approval, in the case of lab reports) available side-by-side with your lab’s sample processing workflow.  This is the concept of LIMS+.  It’s a new level of efficiency and ease, and it’s only available with Ovation.

2. Cloud-based and modern web interface

No more expensive licenses for multiple computers. Ovation’s secure, HIPAA-compliant web interface allows you to open and use Ovation from whatever device, wherever you are in the lab or….anywhere! Ovation works with a simple sign in like any other web application you might be used to, so multiple users on multiple devices is no problem (imagine all your lab technicians with tablets at their stations!). All of your information is stored securely in an iron-clad, cloud-based database, so you know your data and documents are safe and secure. Move past binders full of documents and clunky programs that only work on a couple of computers in the lab, and start using a LIMS+.

3. Sensible, sample-based pricing so you only pay for what you use

You pay for a document management system, you pay for various LIMS licenses, and if you’re just starting out, you pay astronomical setup fees. Don’t get me started on maintaining an IT staff just to get all your systems talking or generating the reports you need. We decided that we want to do things differently. We aren’t just your software provider, we’re here to help you grow your lab’s business. So we priced our product based on how many samples you process with no upfront costs. We track sample volume and bill you each month for your activity, which couldn’t be better for small labs, or labs just starting out.  Nothing out of pocket to get started.  No long-term obligation.  Just basic operating costs that don’t break the bank and allow you to scale your business.  Now that’s refreshing.

4. Workflows, queues, and batches: a LIMS that knows your lab’s operations

We’ve spent a lot of time in labs, so we know that a lot more goes into sample tracking than just recording what happens at each step and capturing data. Ovation provides an extra layer of operational capability, closely integrated with your documents and training records, which is absent in other systems. You’ll always know how many samples you have in house and what you need to do with them. We’ll track a batch’s progress through lab activities, and even handle single-tube repeats. Get new insights into your operations with a LIMS+ approach.

5. Permissions and roles made simple

Document permissions, what a pain to manage! At Ovation, we’ve not only simplified permissions management and your lab’s different roles, but extended permissions to lab activities, aligning training and access. That’s something only a LIMS+ could do. Have as many roles and permissions as you’d like, and even manage alerts and pending activities for lab staff with a particular role.

The results are in and couldn’t be clearer: you need a system for your lab that gives you the whole picture, not multiple programs that don’t communicate with one another. The next generation of lab management software is here, and Ovation has it. We pride ourselves on listening to the needs of the labs we work with, and the LIMS+ approach is the result of rigorous design and expert technical capability. We want you to succeed, and Ovation will help you do that.


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