Remnant Lab Samples Could Determine Your Lab’s Post-Covid Success

Laboratories nationwide are finally seeing a reduction from the once-massive influx of Covid-19 lab sample volume. While the need to expedite a large number of samples is still present, the amount of total tests coming into labs is beginning to subside. As your lab looks forward to life post-pandemic, what is your game plan for these left-over lab samples?


Ovation recently partnered with Dark Daily to share laboratory data best practices and post-COVID insights. This webinar provides steps for building a new, long-term operations strategy that accounts for your COVID-19 test samples as well as key data surrounding the long-term impact on labs. If you’re looking to prepare your lab for the future, you have to start by learning from the samples of the past.

Here’s how:

We know that 10-25 million Americans will become long-haul Covid patients. This large number will drive high demand for the development of new therapeutics. This marks a historical change in the way laboratories and drug makers function; as they must work together to bring new products to the public. As drug developers race to provide for their new patient cohort, they will seek out labs that are good candidates for research and development.

What does this look like? Desirable labs will have valuable samples as well as a process for maintaining them with consent. Finally, these labs will have a proven method to efficiently get them into the hands of the drug makers that can use them.

Your Path to Lab ROI

To summarize, the future of the lab industry may seem uncertain, but your plan for achieving business growth doesn’t have to be. Even in changing times, your lab revenue can remain stable. Start by implementing the steps outlined in our webinar and you’ll be ahead of the curve.

  1. Update Your Consenting Strategy
  2. Understand How to Identify High-Value Samples
  3. Plan Ahead- Don’t Wait to Implement Sample Best Practices

Have questions? Reach out to us directly and we’ll help you put these steps into action.

Additionally, you can download a short summary infographic for easy sharing, here

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