How a Comprehensive LIMS Drives Laboratory Compliance

Clinical laboratories provide critical medical test results to patients and communities and, thus, are under scrutiny by regulators and accreditation bodies. Your lab understands that it’s essential to be on top of these ever-changing compliance standards. However, you may not know that—in addition to hiring scrupulous personnel and maintaining detailed policies and procedures—LIMS software is vital to ensuring compliance is met.

In collaboration with an industry regulations expert, this eBook covers 12 core compliance standards, how they tie back to regulations across agencies (CLIA, CAP, COLA, HIPAA, FDA), and all the ways a LIMS can help support meeting them.

Compliance standards include:

  • Report formatting
  • System security
  • Workflow checks and balances
  • And more

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How a Comprehensive LIMS Drives Laboratory Compliance

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