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Ovation’s genomic data is derived from its expansive biobank of approximately 1.58 million consented samples from over 619 thousand individuals. These samples have been acquired in just over 18 months, with an infrastructure to continuously add more samples every day. Ovation’s network of partner clinical laboratories coupled with our proprietary technology platform has enabled us to collect consented samples at an unprecedented scale. Key to this success is Tony Donofrio, our Director of Customer Success.

Tony’s team ensures our laboratory information management software and research programs consistently drive value for our partner labs. With his experience overseeing biorepositories, Tony has also been critical in developing our biobanking operations including lab implementation procedures and sample delivery best practices. We sat down with Tony to discuss his journey with genomics, from clinical laboratories to biorepositories and beyond.

How has your background influenced your passion for life sciences and genomic data?

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of managing and overseeing clinical laboratories and biorepositories, where I witnessed firsthand the critical role of genomics in healthcare and research. Managing these facilities exposed me to the intricate processes of sample collection, storage, and analysis, providing valuable insights into the importance of maintaining data integrity and quality in genomics research. These experiences highlighted the real-world implications of genomic data. Accurate and reliable information is paramount when making clinical decisions or conducting cutting-edge research.

My professional background also allowed me to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams of clinicians, researchers, and data analysts. This collaborative environment offered a unique perspective on how genomics intersects with various fields, such as oncology, infectious diseases, and personalized medicine. It became clear that genomics was not only a powerful tool for diagnosing and treating diseases but also a driving force behind advancements in precision medicine. My experiences managing clinical laboratories and biorepositories served as a constant reminder of the immense potential of genomics in improving healthcare outcomes and accelerating innovations in the life sciences. This profound impact solidified my passion for genomics and motivated me to further explore this dynamic and evolving field.

Why Ovation? What’s the most rewarding aspect of your role as Director of Customer Success?

I joined Ovation as a Customer Success Manager because I was drawn to the unique opportunity to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and its practical applications in the field of molecular clinical laboratories. With a background in both life sciences and customer relations, I saw this role as a perfect fusion of my expertise. My passion for genomics, coupled with my experience in understanding customer needs and delivering exceptional service, made it a natural progression in my career. I was excited about the company’s mission to empower researchers and healthcare professionals with innovative LIMS and genomic data solutions, and I wanted to play a pivotal role in ensuring our customers’ success by providing them with the support and guidance they need to leverage our software effectively. This position not only allowed me to stay deeply connected to the evolving field of molecular testing but also offered the opportunity to make a tangible impact on the success of our customers, ultimately contributing to advancements in life sciences and genomic data analysis.

What about Ovation’s mission resonates with you? Why does it make every day exciting?

Professionally, it aligns with my belief in the transformative power of genomics to revolutionize healthcare, advance our understanding of human biology, and drive precision medicine. The idea of harnessing vast amounts of genomic data to unravel the intricacies of genetics and its impact on health is not just a scientific endeavor; it’s a commitment to improving lives and the quality of healthcare worldwide. On a personal level, this mission reflects my enduring desire to have a positive impact in people’s lives by bringing benchtop therapy and information to the patient’s bedside. Ovation’s mission aligns with my passion for laboratory testing and results, especially genomics, as a tool for empowerment, discovery, and ultimately, a healthier future for humanity.

How will Ovation’s genomic data benefit life sciences research and patients?

Genomic data enables research breakthroughs and unlocks the promise of more precise, effective, and patient-centered healthcare. Ovation is uniquely positioned to be a conduit for bringing this information to patients due to our network of laboratories and our group of experts to help guide laboratories through software solutions and participation in add-on research testing. Additionally, Ovation’s ability to pair phenotypic data with genomic data creates unique datasets that leading life sciences organizations need for their research.

What stands out about Ovation’s work culture?

A healthy work culture thrives on camaraderie, where colleagues build genuine connections and support one another. It’s a place where collaboration isn’t just encouraged; it’s the lifeblood of the organization, with diverse perspectives coming together to fuel innovation. Trust forms the foundation, empowering individuals to take risks, make decisions, and know that their contributions are valued, fostering a culture where everyone can flourish and contribute their best. I feel that way every day at Ovation, and I am excited to continue to work with fascinating and brilliant people doing really challenging work.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

My hobbies encompass a diverse range of interests that enrich my life in unique ways. Golf is a passion that allows me to connect with nature and challenge myself while enjoying the outdoors. The precision and strategy required on the golf course offers a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Music is another significant aspect of my life, where I find solace and creativity. Whether strumming my guitar or exploring new melodies on the piano, music serves as a form of self-expression and a source of inspiration. Lacrosse is a high-energy sport I’ve recently discovered through my kids, and while I’m currently only a spectator, I’m challenging myself to get out there and play as well. But above all, family remains the cornerstone of my life, providing unwavering support and love, and I cherish the moments spent with them, whether it’s gathering for a hearty meal, embarking on adventures, or simply sharing stories and laughter. These hobbies and the bonds I share with my family contribute to the rich tapestry of my life, fostering personal growth and fulfillment.

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