Ovation.io launches effort that could double COVID-19 testing capacity across the U.S.

Ovation.io, makers of the fastest growing clinical laboratory information management system (LIMS), today announced an initiative that could double testing capacity for COVID-19 across the United States. Company says their technology can empower network of independent labs to meet COVID-19 testing demand.

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ovation.io, Inc. (Ovation), makers of the fastest growing clinical laboratory information management system (LIMS), today announced an initiative that could double testing capacity for COVID-19 across the United States.

“There are thousands of independent laboratories across the country that want to contribute to solving this public health crisis. Ovation is the ready infrastructure solution that can help bring this idle testing capability to the forefront,” Barry Wark, co-founder and CEO of Ovation.io, said. “We can immediately deliver our cloud technology to help these labs serve patients and gather critical public health data.”

The company announced today that Quantigen Biosciences and Vikor Scientific will begin COVID-19 testing with the Ovation platform in just a few days. Ovation has invited more than 100 laboratories already using its cloud LIMS for other molecular testing to join this effort. Ovation says there are approximately 2,500 laboratories across the country that could be testing almost immediately if they band together with other labs in this network and adopt this technology.

“With Ovation’s support we were able to bring this new assay online at unprecedented speed. We are ready to provide COVID-19 testing at scale to meet the community demand for detection of this deadly and dangerous pathogen,” said Shea Harrelson, co-founder of Vikor Scientific.

“We are urging our colleagues at other independent laboratories across the country to join this effort today because there is no time for waiting,” said Jami Eliott, founder and CEO of Quantigen Biosciences, adding that, “Ovation’s responsive development team and deep understanding of FDA and CDC guidelines helped us make high quality COVID-19 testing available quickly while maintaining regulatory compliance.”

“Unleashing the testing capacity of independent labs is critical to understanding the true extent of infections in order to slow the virus’ spread, flatten the infection curve, and protect vulnerable populations,” said Wark. “To meet this need, Ovation offers easily adoptable functionality that will enable a greater number of labs to rapidly expand access to COVID-19 testing.”

Ovation is offering out-of-the-box support for COVID-19 testing and reporting in the Ovation LIMS. Ready to use capabilities include online order entry, standardized infectious disease workflow, automated interpretation following FDA and CDC guidelines, branded report template, and multimodal report delivery.

Ovation is also offering resources to support labs through the process of assay validation and FDA Emergency Use Authorization submission. “We want to help reduce barriers and bring additional COVID-19 testing online quickly,” commented Dr. Pauline Gee, Head of Clinical Affairs at Ovation. For more information: https://www.ovation.io/covid-19-testing/.

About Ovation

Ovation.io is a clinical informatics company providing operations software and data tools for the advancement of precision medicine. Compelled by the philosophy that data drives action, Ovation is creating products that make it easier for labs to bring innovative tests to the patients and providers that need them. Since its founding, Ovation has grown to develop and support world-class SaaS products used by clinical and translational labs around the globe while developing an unparalleled level of competency in the fields of molecular diagnostic and clinical data utilization. Ovation’s flagship product, Ovation Diagnostic (OvDx), is a cloud-based, cost efficient, rapidly implementable, laboratory information management system (LIMS) purpose built for molecular diagnostic labs. OvDx provides a comprehensive commercialization platform enabling labs to streamline operations and grow business faster. More information at www.ovation.io. Follow us on Twitter @ovation_io.

About Quantigen Biosciences

Quantigen was founded in 2008 on the understanding that exceptional data quality, speed to results and comprehensive support are the defining needs of our customers. For this reason, Quantigen is your trusted partner for gene expression and genetic variation assay development, method validation, and a multitude of other services related to discovery and clinical research.

About Vikor Scientific

Vikor Scientific is a high complexity CLIA certified and CAP-accredited laboratory in Charleston, South Carolina. VIKOR is a market leader in providing targeted, molecular diagnostics that can improve clinical and economic outcomes.

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