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Ovation Research


Powerful data curation, collaboration, and storage tools at your fingertips

Collaborative Research

  • In-app communication tools give you the ability to capture all conversations in the context of the data and analyses

  • @mentions provide a great way to keep each team member on task and aware of items requiring their attention

  • Clear version control means there is never any confusion about which file is at the center of the conversation

  • The Teams feature makes it simple to add or subtract team members on a particular project and adjust each member’s permissions within the project.

  • Detailed permissions enable you to control visibility or access to private data, even in large collaborations.


Data Management

  • Projects provide a straightforward method of organizing all files, activities and conversations within a particular experiment or set of experiments

  • An interactive Provenance Graph gives you a way to visualize all the relationships between data, analyses and sources in a Project and dive right into an area of interest

  • Cloud-based file storage puts all your data at your fingertips, regardless of your location.

  • Strict security means your data is always safe, backed-up and there when you need it.  All data is encrypted in transit and at rest

Experiments and Analyses

  • Activities in Ovation record the input and output of each of your experiments and analyses so that it’s always clear exactly which sources were part of an experiment and which files were used for an analysis.  These Activities become the building blocks of the Provenance Graph.

  • The Properties in Activities capture all metadata, including protocols or versions of software used in the activity, providing a critical view into the methods and materials of your project.

  • Our Rest API enables you to integrate and leverage all the amazing open-source and commercial analytical tools out there, tracing the flow of data between systems and streamlining all of their outputs into one place.  


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