Ovation Leaders Featured on AWS Health Innovation Podcast

Ovation is proud to be featured on episode #46 of The AWS Health Innovation Podcast. Our CEO, Curt Medeiros, and Chief Strategy Officer, Barry Wark, spoke with Eric Zimmerman from AWS Startups about genomic data’s importance in advancing precision medicine.

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On this podcast, learn:
✔️ How to build a successful data business, including the risks of not putting enough resources behind data initiatives
✔️ Why precision medicine is making outsized progress in oncology, and other areas that are ripe for progress
✔️ The importance of mapping genomic data to longitudinal phenotypic data to derive insights that improve care and outcomes

“Data has always been the currency of innovation in healthcare. As we’ve been able to create the right data, share it and analyze it more effectively, our pace of innovation in healthcare improves. So it’s going to to continue to be the lifeblood of how we drive the healthcare system forward in the US and globally.

Your DNA is the building blocks of all the downstream biological processes that happen in your body, the good and the bad. When it comes to understanding the origins of disease, how does that express in your body and what are the long term affects that creates, human genomics are at the root of each and every one of those questions.” – Curt Medeiros, CEO of Ovation

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