Case Study: How PCR-Dx Diagnostic Used Ovation to Expand into New Markets Across the Country



PCR-Dx Diagnostic provides medical professionals with fast, molecular testing solutions for viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens. They bring their cutting-edge diagnostic technology to doctors, specialists, medical professionals, law firms, forensic teams, and more. Their test panels include Respiratory, Women’s Health, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). PCR-Dx invests heavily in the research, development, and facilitation of new molecular techniques and aims to foster long-term partnerships with their clients.

The Challenge

PCR-Dx started its operations in 2020 with a minimal LIS and soon realized that its future growth would be stifled by its inability to connect with other systems. “We knew we needed something more and started to do our research,” says Grady Phillips, President at PCR-Dx. Beyond the lack of functionality, their LIS did not have the level of customer service they were expecting. They found it challenging to get in touch with anybody at the company, which was especially painful when there were issues with the software.

Why Ovation?

Phillips and his team looked at several solutions, including other LIS, LIMS, and medical integration providers, but decided to work with Ovation. According to Phillips, Ovation offered the best fit because their LIMS had strong, reliable connectivity with other systems—from billing solutions to provider EMRs. It was also clear that a team of molecular diagnostic experts would support their needs and help their business grow. “When we saw all that Ovation could bring to the table, it just made sense for us to bring them on board,” says Phillips.

The Benefits

Early into implementing Ovation LIMS for their entire suite of diagnostic testing for their Tuscaloosa, Alabama lab in January 2021, the PCR-Dx team knew that they made the right decision. “The customer service that Ovation provided during that time was fantastic,” says Phillips.

Within a few months of implementation, they expanded into a new market by opening a new diagnostics laboratory in Gainesville, Georgia. They continued to grow by serving clients of all sizes and opening another laboratory in Collins, Colorado, in July 2021. “Ovation has enabled us to have tremendous scalability as a company,” said Phillips. “The connectivity that Ovation offers with their HL7 and API integrations has helped us grow, and I continue to have the opportunity to expand because of the Ovation system.”

With Ovation’s integrations, PCR-Dx has been able to do same-day, real-time billing. They’ve turned what used to be a time-consuming, error-prone process into a smooth operation so they can get paid faster and take on new business as a result. PCR-Dx feels they have “absolutely” received their return on investment with Ovation due to the opportunities they’ve gained. The company has worked with Ovation to grow their business not only by gaining efficiency and connectivity with Ovation LIMS, but by forging new relationships and networks through Ovation as a major player in the molecular diagnostics world.

In addition, PCR-Dx has joined the Ovation Research Network, which has allowed their lab to contribute to the advancement of life-saving research while adding a new revenue stream. “A scientific research network of independent diagnostic laboratories is a wonderful thing” says Phillips. “There’s a strength in numbers, and it’s something that is sorely needed in the United States.”

What has been especially impressive to PCR-Dx is Ovation’s customer service and their ability to get quick, supportive help on the phone when needed. “It’s a wonderful thing that I haven’t experienced until I went with Ovation,” Phillips says. Ovation’s partnership has helped PCR-Dx meet its mission: to provide all-inclusive PCR-based diagnostic services to clinics and businesses with fast and accurate test results in under 24 hours. “With Ovation, we have a LIMS system that makes us stronger in the market and helps us truly make a difference,” said Phillips. “It’s just like no other.”

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