Case Study: How GeneIQ Used Ovation LIMS to Serve the Community by Performing High-Volume Molecular Diagnostic Testing



GeneIQ is a Dallas-based molecular diagnostics laboratory specializing in RT-PCR testing for COVID-19 and urinary tract infections (UTIs). The state-of-the-art laboratory is known for its fast turnaround times, highly efficient processes, and commitment to high-touch, comprehensive customer service. GeneIQ has the ability to test up to 10,000 individuals a day and serves a broad range of clients across the United States, including long-term care facilities, physician practices, state and local governments, and corporations.

The Challenge

As a fast-paced, growing company, GeneIQ was looking to partner with a modern, agile LIMS that would support their current and future molecular diagnostic service lines. In their search, GeneIQ prioritized finding a LIMS that could not only be deployed easily but would grow and evolve with their company over time.

Why Ovation?

After looking at quite a few other LIMS solutions, GeneIQ decided to work with Ovation. According to William Dutton, the Laboratory Systems Administrator at GeneIQ, Ovation offered the best fit because it was the most flexible platform.”Ovation was selected because it was an organization that we could grow with. Their LIMS was agile enough to suit our needs with the testing we were doing at the time, and we knew if the business pivoted in any way, we could leverage our partnership with Ovation to succeed,” says Dutton.

The Benefits

As soon as the implementation process began, GeneIQ knew they had made the right decision. The knowledge of the Ovation team went above and beyond expectations, and the process offered a tremendous amount of flexibility. “As well-defined as your workflows might be, there’s always room for change,” says Tariq Adwan, Ph.D., the Chief Scientific Officer at GeneIQ. “We could decide where it made sense for Ovation to play a bigger or smaller role, which was great. It wasn’t an all-or-nothing approach.” Soon after the Ovation implementation began in the spring of 2020, GeneIQ recalibrated to focus on high-volume COVID-19 testing. GeneIQ was thrilled that they were already using a LIMS with out-of-the-box COVID-19 testing workflows in place. The Ovation team helped GeneIQ get their workflows up and running quickly so they could start filling the void in testing, especially for the vulnerable senior population. “When the pandemic got into full swing, we switched gears. Ovation was definitely instrumental in switching with us to address the needs of the community during the pandemic,” says Dutton. “They were with us hand-in-hand, 100% of the way.”

With Ovation in place, GeneIQ provided less than 48-hour turnaround times to their clients during the peak of the pandemic. A large part of this success was their ability to receive orders through Ovation’s web-based portal and accession them in bulk at scale. GeneIQ also believes their productivity has increased due to Ovation’s intuitive interface, which has helped them quickly ramp up new hires. GeneIQ recognizes that a modern, efficient LIMS is essential to meeting their business plan today and in the future. “Our number one priority is to produce clinically actionable results for patients,” says Dutton. “The value that Ovation brings to help us do that is astronomical.”

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