Ovation Co-founder and CSO Participates in Q1 Productions Semi-Annual Diagnostic Coverage & Reimbursement Conference


Ovation had the honor of having Barry Wark, our Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, participate in a panel discussion at Q1 Productions Semi-Annual Diagnostic Coverage & Reimbursement Conference. The panel focused on the importance of clean laboratory orders, patient demographics, and their capture in a clinical laboratory’s information system (LIMS).

Barry emphasized the importance of a LIMS platform that is optimized for consistently capturing accurate patient data with every lab order. This process is not just vital for enhancing the clinical lab’s revenue, operational efficiency, physician satisfaction, and patient experience, but akin to data entry in EHR systems—it’s absolutely crucial for generating precise and valuable real-world data for life sciences research. 

With Ovation LIMS, labs can automatically ingest test orders from EHRs and other platforms, ensuring order entry is correctly entered, even for the highest volume providers. This functionality eliminates the need for clinic staff to manually enter patient demographics, making the process seamless and efficient. Once an order is placed, the relevant diagnostic workflow in Ovation LIMS is automatically triggered according to the lab’s custom requisition design.

John (JD) Donnelly, CEO of FrontRunnerHC—a leading healthcare organization data automation platform and strategic partner of Ovation—headed the panel and summarized the insights in his recent article: “It’s time to disrupt healthcare with a super-clean order.”

For more information on how Ovation LIMS helps clinical laboratories achieve operational excellence, request a demo and talk to one of our experienced laboratory consultants.

To further understand how Ovation turns clinical laboratory data and specimens into valuable genomic data for life sciences research, contact our data team.

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